About Me


My name is Kris and I am an artist in my twenties trying to navigate adulthood. (Seriously, how do you even adult?!)

I’m still struggling with choosing a name, but I feel like that’s an issue lots of trans people have. So far Kris is working. [For fun: I’ve been throwing around Kristoff for months]

My birthday is February 16th, and I’m basically a quisiential Aquarius. ♒

I was born in Washington D.C. and I just love that city. I have a thing for architecture and the museums. 100% would choose for a date.17621742_190546481447627_5887821892014072979_o







I have a big family, but the problem is that while they love us, they are staunchly transphobic and homophobic. It sucks but I’ll cross that road when I get to it.

I have the best dog ever! She’s Peanut and the story is that I just picked her up one night and fell in love with her.

My Dog, the best dog ever!









My spare time mostly consists of tooling around on the interwebs, working out at the gym, doodling, not doing my homework, playing video games, starting internet wars, not doing my homework, wasting all my hard earned cash on fucking online clothes, hanging out with friends to drink eat and watch animu, and did I mention not doing my homework? I’m an animation student, and while I’ll be sticking with it I won’t lie, having to drawing 12 frames per second at the least is a struggle, even for people who like drawing.

My favorite book is Harry Potter, because what kind of nerd would I BE if it wasn’t, right? But I like classics like Twenty Thousand Leagues and Jane Eyre and stuff.

For movies I like Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction, 300, and the animated stuff like the Incredibles.

I’m not doing any sports, but every once in awhile I entertain doing track, or swimming, but then I come right back to reality and remember that gaming is pretty much my sport. My favorite so far is Uncharted 4, followed by Assassin’s Creed II.

I like art, camping, classic cars, motorcycles, tats, scouting, watersports, anime, cartoon, and just hanging out and having a great time. I’ve also just started bodybuilding so hopefully when I look less like a scrub I’ll post some pictures.

And finally, the whole reason I made this blog in the first place: I am a transgender man.


My pronouns are He/Him.

So, with all that said about me (I know, it’s a lot) Let me know about you too in the comments below!



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